Annual Report Award

In the spirit of promoting innovation and good practice, OALEP established the Annual Report Award competition in 2010. The contest is held annually at the fall Business Symposium. All member organizations in good standing, and in attendance, are encouraged to participate.

On behalf of the highest rated annual report, the Association will make a donation of $100.00 to the Ontario Police Memorial Foundation and present your organization with a framed certificate of achievement.

The Annual Report contest is being judged by an independent panel representing a cross-section of the public. The criteria establish a common ground for comparison and represent many of the commonalities found in Ontario law enforcement agency annual reports.

Guidelines for Entries

During registration on the first day of the fall Business Symposium, entrants must:

1.  Submit a one page (MAX) synopsis of their annual report including:

  • Police agency;
  • Contact name;
  • Description of the report and highlights;
  • brief explanation of the delivery method and actual cost of production.

2.  Provide either five hard copies of the annual report OR provide a website URL for the on-line version.

The winner will be announced and the award presented during the OALEP Business Meeting. An agency representative must be present to receive the award or it will default to the next highest scoring report.

Guidelines for the OALEP Annual Report Awards

Past Winners

2015 Annual Report Award Winners - York Regional Police Service, Ontario Provincial Police

2014 Annual Report Award Winner - Peel Regional Police Service

2013 Annual Report Award Winner - Hamilton Police Service

2012 Annual Report Award Winner - Ottawa Police Service

2011 Annual Report Award Winner - Guelph Police Service

2010 Annual Report Award Winner - Waterloo Police Service